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Martin Collins in Horse & Hound's: Stabling and Arena's Special
13/06/2017 10:59:37

"As seen in Horse & Hound "Stabling and Arena's special" June 8th 2017"

Stephanie Bateman interviewed Martin Collins to find out what it takes to turn an empty space into a temporary foot-perfect arena.

"Anything is possible" says Martin Collins who has been providing temporary arenas for some of the world's largest equestrian events for more than two decades including HOYS, Olympia and GCT tour. 

"It is possible to put a temporary arena on almost any surface - it's what is underneath that can be the biggest issue as well as the time frame needed to install it".

Did you know...


At HOYS Wembley 1984 Ginny Leng did a parade after winning two Olympic medals. She only noticed a few hours later that one of the medals had dropped off and a frantic search began to find it in the arena which had since been groomed. Luckily with the help of metal detectors and a team of Martin Collins maintenance staff the missing medal was found buried in the surface.


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What does it take to turn an empty space into a temporary foot-perfect arena? Stephanie Bateman interviews Martin Collins in this month's Horse & Hound.


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