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All weather surface at Bicton Arena is huge success
15/06/2017 13:08:00

The arena surface which was provided and installed in conjunction with Martin Collins replaces the original Webb Grass Arena ensuring that horses can use the area for competitions or schooling all year round. 

Bicton are about to hold the Pony Premier Show Jumping Show (June 23rd - 25th) and are using the new arena for all the HOYS Qualifiers.

Bicton Arena Manager and former CCI**** event rider Helen West commented: "We are delighted to have our Martin Collins arena surface and they have a proven track record for quality, durability and performance. The additional all-weather arena at Bicton Arena is a huge asset for us. We can host top-level competition across all disciplines, Martin Collins understands the needs of competition horses at each level and the varying demands placed on arenas which are used for multi-disciplines."

Bicton Arena all-weather surface underway

Bicton Arena all-weather surface complete

Leading South West competition venue Bicton Arena is delighted to announce that its new 70m x 60m all-weather "Western Counties" Arena is proving to be a huge success.


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