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Autumn Arena Maintenance

With autumn well and truly here the leaves are beginning to fall and can cause a problem for your synthetic arena surface if you don't deal with it.

Decomposing leaves and vegetation plus horse droppings can severely compromise a synthetic surface so part of your arena maintenance routine at this time of year should include removing all debris.

While removing the leaves it is also wise to check that drains and water run-offs are all clear. If the water course is blocked by leaves it prevents the water from flowing freely through the arena surface and can leave standing pools which can cause the surface to become uneven and during very cold snaps can also freeze.

While doing these essential maintenance checks it is also worth measuring the depth of your surface at regular intervals around the school. Using a measuring stick, note and compare the depths as it is hard to see any slight differences with the naked eye and these can cause issues if not dealt with.

If the arena has become compacted over the summer months why not call the Martin Collins team. They will come out inspect and if required, turn over and grade the surface with their specialised  equipment returning your synthetic surface to its former glory!

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