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Black Friday CLOPF® Discount

Special Black Friday Weekend offer on Martin Collins CLOPF®

If you are planning an arena refurb or even a new build, then Black Friday Weekend is THE time to get your order in for that all important CLOPF Fibre®

SAVE £50 a ton.

World-renowned performance fibre, CLOPF® is guaranteed safe to use and environmentally friendly. Martin Collins Enterprises only source virgin material which ensures the product does not have contaminants that may come from using post-consumer material.  The fibres they use have been Laboratory analysed for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which are chemical substances that may pose a risk to health and the environment. 

CLOPF® was developed by Martin Collins and is arguably the best ‘binding’ fibre on the market. Adding the fibre into an existing sand surface will aid stability and provide more ‘cushion’ and energy return to the horse. With correct maintenance, a horse will work more ‘on top’ of the surface rather than ‘into’ it. It also has excellent moisture retaining qualities which should reduce watering in long dry spells. 

CLOPF® is easy to lay and full support and advice is provided by the Martin Collins team if customers are unsure about their requirements. The fibres are simply mixed into a compacted, wet sand surface that is a minimum of 5” deep, using tractor mounted power harrow and rotavator. A step-by-step guide is sent to each customer prior to delivery.  So, if you were planning on rejuvenating your arena whilst also protecting your horse’s legs and the environment then put your trust in CLOPF® Performance Fibre.

To order your CLOPF with a saving of £50 per ton, order over the phone or by email from 9am on Black Friday, 25th NOVEMBER 2022,  until 5pm on Cyber Monday, 28TH NOVEMBER 2022. UK only.

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