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Martin Collins offer support to Penniwells RDA

Penniwells RDA had a Martin Collins Ecotrack surface installed in their indoor arena back in 1996/97 and were so impressed they went on to have a second Ecotrack outdoors a few years later. While both surfaces had done them so well for over two decades, the lockdown with no ponies or riders enabled them to see just how the surfaces had deteriorated. The timing was less than ideal with no income and very few funds in place to replace them, so they reached out to Martin Collins to see what they could do.

Penniwells RDA were proudly providing up to 140 ridden sessions every week to support disabled people of all ages. That was until COVID struck. 

Most of their riders attend the centre for valuable therapy and many do go on to learn to ride properly.  Penniwells has produced many Regional & National Champions over the past 26 years.  Some of their riders have gone on to do Para Dressage and successfully represented Great Britain, Ireland and Hong Kong.  Their mission is to give every opportunity to all their riders to be the best they can be.  

Nicholas Collins attended the site and was concerned with how Covid 19 was impacting the centre. Having provided surfaces before and being genuinely interested in their plight, the company renovated and topped up both arenas and made a generous donation to the RDA group in order to support them during this tumultuous time. He said, 

We were happy to help Penniwells. Their original Ecotrack surface had been down for 20 years and it goes to show that even with the amount of traffic it has endured, that it didn’t need replacing just a bit of TLC and a top up to give it back its original spring. RDA centres all over the UK choose our surfaces as they stand the test of time and keep horses sound, foot sure and therefore their riders safe. We couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome” 

Centre Manager, Sarah Healing commented; “Without the support of Martin Collins we would have really struggled to have good surfaces again. They have both been topped up and levelled out and are riding as if brand new.  The horses are going so much better, and we ride confidently on them without having to worry about avoiding any areas. We will be forever grateful to Martin Collins and promise to look after them the very best we can, hoping they will last for the next 20 years as before! Their generosity came at a time we needed it the most.”


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