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Setting the winning standard in equine surfaces


Perfect for use across all disciplines, the cushioning effect of Activ-Track offers extreme stability and superior coverage, in even the most demanding environments.

The winning surface for any professional equestrian establishment.

Designed for the smaller professional yard or owner/rider that wants to enjoy all the benefits of a wax-coated surface, Activ-Track is a high-quality arena surface for all disciplines.

With cushioning and extreme stability underfoot, alongside high durability, our Activ-Track surface has been chosen by establishments ranging from dressage trainers, equine colleges and riding schools, to professional event riders and competition venues.

  • Dust free
  • No irrigation system needed
  • Ready to use straight after installation
  • Suitable both indoor and outdoor
  • Can be adapted to suit fast or slow work
  • Excellent climatic tolerance

Activ-Track also boasts superior coverage. As it contains our unique stabilising CLOPF Fibre, you could benefit from needing up to 15% less tonnage than other products, which could save you money on both purchase and delivery.

  • William Fox-Pitt

    I am very fortunate to have a Martin Collins Activ-Track surface on my gallop. It is an essential facility for getting my horses fit throughout the year and cold, wet or dry spells no longer interrupt my training. There is never a day I can’t use my gallop, and this is invaluable to me.

  • Gail Duffus

    I have to say that so far, I have been absolutely delighted with the Activ-track horse riding surface.

    We have had temperatures of -10 degrees and it did not freeze. Whilst my friends' schools have been brick hard, I have been able to use mine.  All the horses that have been ridden in my arena appear to like the "going", and my friends (who all have their own arenas) have been genuinely impressed.Whilst riding arena costs are always important, it is also crucial in this day and age to know who you are dealing with, particularly in relation to the contractor’s financial standing when large instalment payments are part of the contract conditions.I ran a credit check on all the Companies I received quotes from.  I have to say that at that time, MCE was the only one (by far!) whose credit rating gave me confidence to part with large chunks of money at a time. 

  • Sam Stronge, Castle Piece Stables

    “Investing in a surface that gives high stability and footing all year round is a must, which is why we chose Martin Collins Activ-Track for our gallop.”

  • Harry Whittington Racing

    “Being able to train all year round on a surface you can trust is essential. That is why I chose Martin Collins Activ-Track.”

  • Carl Hester

    I would recommend Martin Collins to anyone who wants the best training surfaces for their horses, they are worth every penny.”

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